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Great West Life Insurance Reviews 2020: Breaking News! They’re now Canada Life

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Great West Life Insurance

Great West Life Insurance Reviews! We’ve Got the Goods! Find Out if They’re for YOU

Important Notice: On January 1st 2020  Great-West Lifeco amalgamated Great West Life Assurance Company, London Life Insurance Company and the Canada Life Assurance  Company into the Canada Life brand.   For all future inquiries about this business please click the link below. We are keeping this information up for now as a record of their past performance. 

James Heidebrecht Ivari Reviews 2020

Known by many Canadian employees for administering group benefits, Great West Life has a long and stable history. We give them 3.5 stars.  Recently, Great West Life Insurance has become part of the Canada Life brand. That means If you're a Great West Life policyholder, your policy is now being administered by Canada Life. Their contact number is 1-888-252-1847.

James Heidebrecht Founder of Policy Architects

If you’re looking through Great West Life Insurance Reviews you probably are aware that it’s a very well known company! 

Marketing works wonders, their green key logo really makes you think they can unlock the answers to all your life insurance needs.

But do they? 

If there is no other message you get from my website, I want you to understand that all life insurance companies aren’t created equal! 

Sure you can get yourself a free quote and on first glance, the prices seem VERY similar. But you need to qualify for the rate you selected.  Yep!

…and each company has different underwriting guidelines. 

Not to the mention the fact you haven’t even taken a peek at their products and those also vary substantially from insurer to insurer.

So let’ see if Great West Life Insurance is the company for you! 

“An independent agent is your best bet if you might have trouble qualifying for affordable coverage because of a health condition, such as diabetes, or a risky hobby, such as scuba diving. A good independent agent will know the rate-setting guidelines at different insurers and steer you to the one most likely to offer the best-priced coverage.”


How to Find the Right Life Insurance Agent or Broker, Nerd Wallet 

Are You A Great West Life Insurance Policyholder?

Do you have an existing Great West Life insurance policy? And are you wondering what the amalgamation of Great-West Life, London Life and Canada Life mean for you?

To set the record straight, all Great West Life policies are now policies under the Canada Life Assurance Company. Long story short, your policy remains unchanged.

“The promises and commitments made to you By the Great West Life Assurance Company…continue as promises and commitments of The Canada Life Assurance Company.”

Rest assured, the transition happens automatically and there are no new forms or paperwork to fill out. If you’re concerned about online payments, you can continue to make payments as you always have.

A Few Words About Great West Life Assurance Company

Great West Life was founded in 1891! So they aren’t new to the life insurance business.

I personally like to see this because they’ve been around the block and know the industry intimately…

…not to mention the fact that they’re still in business.

In 1893 Great West Life Assurance paid out their first $1000 claim to the widow of a man who died in a bicycle accident! Since then this company has been providing dependable services to policyholders.

By 1897, this insurer spread its wings by establishing a presence in all the Canadian provinces. Hey if you think their growth stopped there think again! Great West Life Insurance hopped the border into the US by 1906, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Presently, Great West Life Insurance Company is owned by Great-West Lifeco, which also owns London LifeCanada Life Financial, Great-West Life & Annuity Insurance and Putnam Investments. Power Financial Corporation, the 2nd biggest insurance holding company in Canada, has a 67.7% stake in Great West Lifeco.

OK sure a long and venerable history is all well and good but I don't know a thing about Great West Life Insurance! 

SMART! You're completely right. That's why you are reading through Great West Life Insurance Reviews.  A long history is a pro but it's not enough to base your life insurance decisions on. So let's check out their financial rating!   

Great West Life Financial Rating 

Hey, check it out! Great West Life Assurance Company has some pretty nice ratings! AM Best gives them an A+! In fact, they’re well reviewed by all of the financial agencies. 

So why does that matter to you?

It means that they’re a financially sound company. If you’re going to invest money for 10, 20 or 30 years to protect your family you want to make sure they have a solid monetary foundation.

Come on no one wants the life insurance company they invest in to go belly up. That’s disconcerting, to say the least.

Note: If the worst case scenario were to happen there are protections. It’s just not something you want to have to navigate. 

Great West Life Insurance Rating

And Great West Life Insurance Has a Heart Too!  

Yes, they do!

Great West Life Insurance company pioneered a student loan repayment plan!

Employees get some much-needed help with their student debt through employer-matched contributions while saving for retirement at the same time. Pretty cool!

This creative company also launched a cutting-edge virtual healthcare service in 2017. Customers get an online consultation and health assessment from top doctors through this program.

Great West Life Insurance obviously cares about the future of our planet too! They recently earned an A rating from the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) making it the only Canadian financial services company to be included in the “Climate A-List”.

These accolades show a commitment to the wellbeing of clients that extends well past issuing policies.

Hmmm now you're talking, Great West Life Insurance is socially responsible and fiscally responsible...

But we aren't done with this Great West Life Insurance Review. Not even close. Let's see how they show up from a consumer perspective! 

Great West Assurance Company
What Do Their Customers Think? 

Ok so before I get started on this section I want to proffer a warning.

People don’t usually talk about things that run smoothly…

…on the other hand, complaints are commonplace!  Yeah, it’s unfortunate but TRUE! So please bear this in mind when you check out the consumer reviews for ANY big life insurance company.

It’s VERY unlikely you’re going to hear about the thousands of people that had a terrific experience.

Not to mention the fact that collecting a claim is triggered by a stressful event. Death or poor health don’t typically calm nerves. That being said. let’s check out their reviews!

Great West Life Insurance Agent

Insureye - Great West Life Insurance Reviews 

Great West Life Insurance Reviews

OUCH! Whoa, the Insureye reviews are NOT good. 1.4 stars out of 5 and some of the customers are irate. 

From what I can see a lot of the reviews are connected to health insurance claims.

This is another thing you have to keep in mind. Some of these big companies offer a lot of different kinds of insurance and Great West Life Insurance is one of them.

So be sure to check out the reviews for the TYPE of life insurance you’re considering. To be honest these complaints are a little bit of a warning sign for me. But no review is going to be all roses.

Well I see what you mean. I'm not that impressed with the Great West Life Insurance customer reviews but it seems a lot of the complaints are about their health coverage and I'm looking for life insurance so let's soldier on! 

GREAT choice. I do think Great West Life Insurance is a very good company so let' take a peek at their line of products! 

Great West Life Insurance Products 

Great West Life Assurance Company is a mega-company! They have a big offering and I’m of two minds when it comes to this.

On the positive side, there’s a LOT of choices! They provide different types of insurance and could be a one-stop shop for your coverage needs.

On the negative side, there is something to be said for selling one type of product and knowing it inside and out.

It’s the difference between a specialist and a generalist. If it were left to me and I was looking for coverage for my family – I would likely pick a company that ONLY offers life insurance.

…but that’s just a personal preference! 

Great West Life Insurance Compant Products

So let's check out what they have on the menu right NOW!

"Universal Life Insurance" 

Great West Life Life Insurance

If you’re looking for coverage until the day you die, a permanent life insurance option like Universal Life might be just what the doctor ordered.

Universal Life Insurance is a bit more flexible that it’s Whole Life counterpart but there are many different variations available.

The thing is when I look for more information on the Great West Life Insurance website I’m provided with VERY little. 

In my humble opinion, this is a tactic to get people to contact their agents so they can sell policies. I personally prefer transparency and want to know a little more about an offering before I speak to an agent.

For me this a red flag. 

"Term Life Insurance" 

Great West Life Insurance Canada

Great West Life Insurance has a term offering but once again I’m struggling to get more information. Sigh.

They offer 10 and 20 year terms that are renewable at policy anniversary closest to age 85. After that nothing. To find out more about term life insurance for seniors click here.

First of all, I would like you to take note that 30 year terms are not available.

Secondly, they provide no information about maximum coverage. There is no way for me to assess their product properly with the information they provide on the site.

"Participating Life Insurance" 

Great West LIfe Insurance Company

So what the heck is a participating policy? Well, it’s an insurance contract that pays dividends to policyholders. 

These dividends are paid out by the life insurance company based on profits they generate from investments. These are typically paid out on a yearly basis.

At the end of the policy, there is usually a final payment that is paid out. It really depends on how it’s structured.

There are contracts that may include a guaranteed dividend figure. All of this would be negotiated before you sign on. This type of arrangement is known as a cash value life insurance policy.

Once again I was struck by the lack of information. Which means I don’t have sufficient details to opine about this offer.

Looking For A Great West Life Insurance Quote?

"Disability Insurance" 

Great West Life & Annuity Insurance

Disability insurance offers great protection…

…especially if you own your own business.

If you’re unable to work due to a disability, you’ll receive a monthly payment to help subsidize your outgoings. 

Even if you have work-related disability insurance, additional coverage can help overcome shortcomings of the original policy.

Typically you select a coverage period and face value before you sign on the dotted line.

Unfortunately once again, the website doesn’t give you a whole lot of information.

“If you are self-employed, look into an individual disability insurance policy. Unlike a group plan, these types of plans don’t come with guaranteed underwriting so you have to qualify for the coverage through a physical health check and proof of earned income.”

How Disability Insurance Can Protect Your Income, Morning Star 

"Critical Illness Insurance" 

Great West Life Insurance Pros

Did you know that advances in technology make it more likely that you’ll survive a bout with a serious illness? That’s great news but if you do, the bills don’t pay themselves.

No one plans to be gravely ill, but it happens to the best of us at the worst of times.

This insurance covers a specific group of illnesses. If you come down with one of them you’ll be issued a predetermined lump sum payment. This money can help you get the treatment you need, pay your bills and take care of business.

Hey, who needs to worry about finances – when you should be thinking about your recovery. 

Once again there are very few details about the Critical Illness Insurance on the Great West Life Insurance website.

"Great West Life Health Insurance" 

Great West Life Insurance Health

If you don’t have benefits through your work or think you need more than they offer Great West Life Health Insurance fills in the gaps. 

Sonata Health, a third-party provider is actually the company that offers their health and dental coverage. When you’re dealing with large companies that sell lots of varied insurances this often happens. 

Another product is offered by PlanDirect. This company offers dental and medical insurance to those over the age of 60.

Losing your benefits isn’t one of the best parts of retirement. There is one hitch however you have to apply for coverage 60 days prior to losing your current coverage.

Once again, I wish there was more information but my guess is you can obtain more if you visit PlanDirect or Sonata. 

Great West Life Group Benefits

"Great West Life Group Insurance" 

Great West Life Insurance Group Benefits

If you’re an employer Great West Life Groups Insurance may help you attract awesome employees! It’s one of those perks that’s really meaningful. 

Great West Life Insurance is one of the biggest providers of group benefits. They offer the following:

  • A platform that provides easy access to your benefit information 
  • Eclaim filing 
  • Access to generic drugs for savings 
  • The DrugHub App 
  • Great West Center for Mental Health in the Workplace 
  • Personal Health Risk Assessment 
  • Fraud Protection 

"Business Owner Insurance" 

Great West Life Insurance Business Owners Insurance

Businesses have a lot of moving parts. 

…and if you’re a business owner you’re well aware of this. There are a lot of responsibilities to consider…from tax liability to key people!

The thing is, stuff happens and life doesn’t stop ticking even if you die.

So if you want to protect your interests and the people who depend on you, life insurance is the way to go. Great West Life Insurance offers the following products to business owners:

  • Life Insurance 
  • Disability Insurance 
  • Critical Illness Insurance 

...and that's not all Great West Life Insurance provides Wealth Management Services and Group Retirement Services. This is outside of my wheelhouse so I am going to give this a miss today.

Great West Life Application Process

So I was keen to find out what the application process is like for Great West Life Insurance. Because there is so little information on the website about their products I wanted to see if their application process is quick and easy.

But there isn’t one.

The only option I see is a contact advisor button. 

When I click on the button I’m brought to a page that asks me a couple of brief questions.

They want to know first of all what type of insurance I’m interested in. So I click life insurance and critical illness insurance. 

Great West Life Assurance Company

You Need to Provide Your Personal Information to Get in Touch with an Agent. 

Then they ask me if I already have benefits. I answered no.

This is the information you have to provide to get in touch with an agent:

  • First & Last Name 
  • Email 
  • Phone Number 
  • City & Postal Code 
  • Your Birthday is Optional 

I press submit and voila my details are off to an agent. This is when someone contacts you and provides you with more information than the website I assume.

...The thing is Great West Life Insurance Company may or may not be a good fit for you! 

Great West Life Insurance Quotes

Great West Life Insurance rates are no longer available as they amalgamated with London Life and Canada Life in January of 2020. 

Great West Life Insurance Pros

Financial Stability

Great West Life Insurance Company is one serious insurer. They have been around for more than 100 years and show no sign of losing steam. 

Their ratings are solid so you can sleep well knowing you are protected if you opted to buy a Great West Life Insurance policy. 

A Company with a Conscience

Great West Life Assurance Company cares about the future and they show this through their actions. They manage their carbon footprint, are concerned about student debt and want their policyholders to stay healthy and happy.

I like this a lot!

Diverse Selection of Products 

This is a mixed bag for me. I like to see different kinds of insurance - but at the same time there is something to be said for specializing.

Sometimes I think these companies cast their net out too far...

But I do like the fact that you can get wealth management advice along with your life insurance.


Great West Life Group Insurance  

If you're an employer Great West Life Group Insurance provides a comprehensive platform for group benefits. 

This is not my area of expertise so I will leave this to the pros to assess but from the outside looking in, this company seems to be on top of their game. 

Great West Life Insurance Cons

Lack of Online Information

Sadly Great West Life insurance doesn't share a lot of information about their products. I think the entire goal is to get potential customers to speak with one of their agents.

I'm personally a fan of transparency so for me this is a con.

No 30 Year Term Product

Hmmm I don't love their life insurance offerings. First of all Term coverage only goes up to 20 years. So if you are looking for a 30 year term or beyond you need to check out another carrier.

Great West doesn't appear to have any Simplified- Issue coverage although the high cost of their Term life insurance would lead you to believe that it may be a no medical product.

As for their permanent products, they seem sparse and I simply don't have enough intel. 

If you're healthy and looking for Term coverage this definitely is not the company for you. I can't speak to much else because they don't provide enough information for me to talk about their products knowledgeably. 

Not the most Affordable Life Insurance on the market 

As I mentioned above if you're in good health it's likely you will pay more for your Term insurance. My guess is if you shop around you can find better rates.

But once again I'm limited by the sparse information they provide about all their products.


Captive Agents

Tied agents sell their company's products period. No if's ands or buts about it. If you're lucky you'll get the right policy but it's a gamble.

The best way to find the most affordable AND comprehensive policy is to shop around. This requires the help of an independent life insurance agent. Policy Architects finds you the company that is most lenient for your particular health circumstances.

Making the right choice here can literally save you 10's of thousands of dollars.


Customer Service 

As I mentioned above bad news travels fast - so I have to say I don't always put a lot of stock in the consumer reviews I see online.

Especially when I'm dealing with a large insurer that handles multiple products.

Great West Life Insurance is one of those companies.  I am however mentioning this as a con because there are a LOT of negative reviews. Especially when it comes to their Great West Life Health Insurance. 


Is Great West Life Insurance Canada a Fit for YOU!?

Well first let me start off by saying Great West Life Assurance Company is a financially stable company with a very long history. 

You can sleep well knowing your investment in your family’s future is safe. This is a very big issue for most of us.

Who wants to see their life insurance company blow up in smoke. 

Also if you’re an employer Great West Life Group Insurance may be a star. As far as I know, they are one of the largest providers of this service in Canada.

If however, you’re looking for term life insurance, I would seek the help of an independent life insurance agent. Great West Life Insurance Canada does NOT offer a 30 year term product. This is very important if you want to lock in low rates for a longer period to cover a 25 or 30 year mortgage.

I also have no idea what the details are for most of their products because they don’t provide a lot of information.

Great West Life Insurance James Heidebrecht

Great West Life Insurance Reviews: All Life Insurance Companies Are NOT the Same!

Remember not all life insurance companies are created equal. They have different products and individual underwriting guidelines. 

We work with the best life insurance companies in Canada. Even if you have your heart set on Great West Life Insurance, give Policy Architects a call to see if you can do better! 

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