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No Medical Life Insurance Canada Hub! All You Need To Know

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No Medical Life Insurance Canada Hub: 

Everything You Need to Know

Are you googling no medical life insurance Canada? Well then, I have some terrific information for you!

One of the most difficult parts about getting the right life insurance policy is wading through all the information. 

Sure, there are automated systems out there that claim to do all the work for you, but in my opinion, nothing beats the personal touch. 

So, grab yourself a cup of coffee and dig into our guide for no exam life insurance now.

No Medical Life Insurance Canada

Can You Get No Medical Life Insurance Canada? 

YES, you can get life insurance without the hassle of a medical exam. It's absolutely possible and in fact, during covid, most life insurance policies were underwritten on a non-medical basis.


The best part? It's affordable and fast.


That said some medical issues like history of cancer, heart disease, stroke and diabetes may make your premiums more costly. Give Policy Architects a call today, we can help 

High Risk Issues No Exam Policies

Looking for no medical life insurance Canada? Then chances are you think you are high risk and may be declined for a traditionally underwritten policy.  

Well, I have some GREAT NEWS for you! Most people are healthier than they think


But IF you don't qualify for a standard policy, no medical life insurance is a terrific alternative.

No Exam Policies for Final Expenses

One of the most popular ways to use a no exam life insurance policy is for final expenses.


No one wants to think about dying, but the fact is there are two things in life you can't dodge and that's taxes and death. 


Funerals are expensive. A small final expense plan makes life easier for loved ones.

Companies We LOVE No Exam Life Insurance Canada

Picking the right company for your life insurance needs is an essential part of shopping for a plan that fits your budget AND your needs.


It's why I always tell people to give us a call before they pull the trigger on their coverage. Chances are I can find a way to save you some serious cash. 


Two of my favourite no medical life insurance companies are Canada Protection Plan and Industrial Alliance. 

No Exam Life Insurance Canada Process

The beauty of no medical life insurance is that it’s quick and easy. The whole process can be done and dusted in less than hour. 

You also don’t have to subject yourself to a medical exam, which for a lot of people is a fantastic thing. 

…but please remember, traditionally underwritten insurance MAY be less expensive.

While this is not always the case, you want to make sure you’re the right candidate for no medical exam life insurance before you commit. 

Here’s a quick breakdown of the process you’ll go through to set up your no medical life insurance in Canada: 


Book A Call With Us

Our initial consultation will determine your accurate rating class and the Tier of no medical coverage you'll qualify for. This phone call takes approximately 5 - 7 minutes. 

This session provides you with an accurate idea of the cost and details of the coverage. It also helps us figure out which carrier offers the best solution depending on your medical history.

Always remember life insurance companies are NOT created equal. 



When you decided to move forward, we complete your application over the phone. This usually takes 20-30 minutes where we ask you a series of very specific health and lifestyle questions. Once the application is complete, you execute an electronic signature via email or text, and we submit the application to the appropriate carrier. You'll received documentation throughout the process.

As you can see the whole process takes place online. It's perfect for times when travel is out of the question (ahem covid) or when you need coverage FAST!


Time To Wait

Now we wait for the application to be processed. That usually takes anywhere from 24 to 72 hours. Once we get approval from the carrier, the coverage can be put into force immediately. 

This is another great reason to get no medical Life Insurance Canada! If you're traveling and need last minute coverage nothing beats it.

No Medical Life Insurance Is GROWING 

No Medical or simplified issue life insurance is one of the fastest growing sectors in the Canadian life insurance industry.

As a result, there is an increasing number of no exam products being created by insurance companies to keep up with the demand. 

No medical life insurance is ideal for Canadians with health issues that affect their eligibility for affordable coverage with traditional carriers.

It’s important to work with an independent agent who knows this market inside and out as there are differences between the no exam carriers. Choosing the wrong company can mean paying higher premiums and receiving substandard guarantees. 

Call us today! We can help.

No Medical Life Insurance Canada Policy Architects

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