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Plan de Protection du Canada & Canada Protection Plan: What’s the Difference?

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Plan de Protection du Canada

Is Plan de Protection du Canada the Same Company as Canada Protection Plan?

Are Plan de Protection du Canada and Canada Protection Plan the same company? I get this question a lot.

In fact, there is also confusion connected to the Canada Pension Plan as well – which is a COMPLETELY unrelated organization. But we will leave that discussion for now 😉

If you live in Canada you know it’s a bilingual country with a very strong French presence (approximately 20%).

The Quebecois are rooted in French culture, which means that companies that want to do business with them need to be fluent in the language and customs.

It’s clear that Canada Protection Plan wants to establish a base in Quebec as they’ve gone through the cost of establishing a French version of their brand.

In a nutshell they are the same company.

So let’s take a peek to see if there is anything different when it comes to their French offerings!

The Roots of Canada Protection Plan

Canada Protection Plan was launched in Toronto in 1992. If you are reading any of my reviews you already know that a lot of the life insurance companies have VERY long histories.

Plan de Protection du Canada falls outside of this club. They are a relatively new insurer – which for many people can be a little off putting. 

Hey, let’s face it. A company with a 100 plus year track history is going to look a lot more appealing. That said, there are some pros when dealing with a newly established company – like a fresh and unemcumbered approach to a starchy industry. 

I really like Canada Protection Plan as a company and have a full review of all their products that you can check out now! 

Plan de Protection du Canada Expansion Into Quebec 

Interestingly enough Plan de Protection du Canada is a relatively new endeavour for Canada Protection Plan.

In November 2019 Michael Aziz, the Co-President, announced the opening of their first Quebec office in Montreal.

Over the coming year, they are expanding their presence in Quebec. This seems like a VERY exciting time for them!

“The province is an important and growing segment of our business, and our Montreal office will allow us to better connect with both our clients and brokers, as well as more easily access Quebec’s significant pool of talent.”


Canada Protection Plan Expands Presence in Quebec in Montreal Office


Plan de Protection du Canada News

Are There Differences in Products?

Canada Protection Plan has gone to the expense of creating a Quebec focused website.

The branding is exactly the same, which is a great way to draw the two concepts together. After reviewing both of the sites it appears that there is virtually no difference between Plan de Protection du Canada and Canada Protection Plan.

Whether you are in Quebec or anywhere else in Canada you get the same product and services

Note: Remember Canada Protection Plan should NOT be confused with the Canada Pension Plan 

Why You Should Call Policy Architects Today 

If you are looking to buy a policy from Plan de Protection du Canada or Canada Protection Plan you should give us a call today.

Policy Architects works with the best life insurance companies in Canada and we know all the ins and outs of these awesome insurers.

If you have been reading my reviews you know that life insurance companies are NOT a one size fits all sort of deal. While Plan de Protection du Canada is a terrific insurer there may be a better fit...

…and a better fit means possible savings in the thousands.

Congrats to Canada Protection Plan for expanding its footprint in Quebec. I look forward to seeing what they do in the future!

James Heidebrecht Plan de Protection du Canada News

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