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I Say Scotia Life Insurance, You Say Scotiabank Life Insurance

...But Are They the Insurer for YOU?

Whether you are Googling Scotia Life Insurance or Scotiabank Life Insurance your results are the same!

You’re brought to Scotiabank’s life insurance products.

Banks are increasingly involved in the life insurance business. If you have been reading my reviews you will see that RBC and BMO are big players.

I wasn’t aware until today that Scotiabank offers life insurance products.

So let’s discover them together right now!

I'm James Heidebrecht Life Insurance Agent Extraordinaire 😉 

OK well, I joke – sort of!

I am the founder of Policy Architects. We help clients throughout Canada to find comprehensive and affordable coverage to:

  • protect their families during vulnerable years
  • cover final expenses (including debts, taxes and burials fees)
  • fund trusts to protect dependent children
  • protect businesses
  • allow families to equalize inheritances
  • provide gifts for charities and loved ones
  • etc!

Life insurance is a terrific tool and I really enjoy helping people create a safety net for the people and causes they love most.

Don’t spend a penny more than you need to. Give Policy Architects a call today!

scotia Life Insurance Questions

Hmmm - yeah and not to mention the great commissions you get, right? 

Scotia Life Insurance Answer

Like everyone else I work for a living. BUT your meeting with me is completely FREE and you have no obligation to move forward. 

I am paid when and if we find the policy for you! 

I think a lot of people are justifiably skeptical when it comes to life insurance. Sadly there are some bad agents out there.

They are not common but that doesn’t stop a bad apple from spoiling the bunch.

The good news I know a lot of AWESOME life insurance agents. Just do your homework and find an independent agent that truly loves their job…

…or you could just call Policy Architects now!

Scotia Life Insurance

Scotia Life Insurance Background

scotia Life Insurance Questions

Why do I care what their history is? 

Scotia Life Insurance Answer

Because life insurance is a HUGE purchase you want to know everything about the insurer you pick...roots are important! 

Scotiabank has a long and venerable history. It was founded in 1832 in Halifax Nova Scotia, thus the name. In 1900 they moved their headquarters to Toronto!

Scotiabank is a global company, doing business in Latin America, the Carribean, Europe, and Asia. It’s the third-largest bank in Canada and is #40 in the list of the largest world banks.

In 2009 Scotia Bank expanded into insurance marketing through its subsidiary Scotiabank Financial – because banks are prohibited from selling insurances through their branches.

Scotia Life Insurance

Scotia Life Insurance: Financial Rating

scotia Life Insurance Questions

Cool I had no idea Scotiabank was so powerful! 

Scotia Life Insurance Answer

It is indeed! They are clearly a force of nature. The next step is to see how they are doing today. That can easily be accomplished by checking out their financial rating! 

Life Insurance is a regulated industry – this is to protect consumers like yourself.

To make life a little easier there are rating companies that assess insurers to make sure they are rock solid.

Thank goodness because finding all of this information yourself would be extraordinarily time-consuming.

I was unable to find a rating for Scotiabank Financial specifically, but DBRS gives Scotiabank an AA, which is a superior score.

Scotiabank has a long and illustrious history and is currently financially strong. You can’t go wrong with them!

Scotia Life Insurance

Scotiabank Life Insurance: Online Reviews

Ugh, the bane of my existence!

Online life insurance reviews aren’t what you think. Hey don’t get me wrong I am in no way dismissing people’s valid complaints. I am sure there are a lot out there due to the sheer number of policies in force.

The thing with life insurance company reviews is they aren’t as straightforward as you would think.

Often the reviews are for products unconnected to life insurance. A lot of the companies carry a very diverse product base. Often these divisions are VERY separate.

The key is to make sure you read the reviews to make sure that they are complaints are about the product you want to buy.

Another issue is, people are stressed when they make claims. This means you are bound to hear complaints – but the people who get stellar service are unlikely to take the time to say so. It’s just expected.

….and then sadly we have trolls. There is no way of knowing if complaints are authentic or motivated by something else. It’s one of the negatives sides of doing business online.

So let’s see what people are saying about Scotiabank’s life insurance now!

Scotiabank Life Insurance: Google Reviews 

Scotia Life Insurance Google Reviews

Well, this isn’t bad!

I bet you’re wondering what I am on about, as it’s only 2.6 stars out of 5…

…but if you saw the reviews I have seen thus far you’d know what I was talking about. Upon closer inspection, I noticed the following:

  • Complaints about claims for accidents which implies they are talking about auto insurance which is not applicable.
  • Customer service complaints
  • Some jabs about price
  • …and a few concerning complaints about unauthorized charges

There were also some glowing reviews. Honestly, the reviews are all over the place.

Scotiabank Life Insurance: Insureye Reviews 

Scotiabank Life Insurance Insureye Review

Well as I dig a little further the reviews aren’t getting better. 2 out of 5 stars from Insureye. Let’s take a peek to see what people are saying in this forum.

Out of the three reviews, it looks like one client’s beneficiary was denied because the policyholder ticked the wrong box. As I am not sure what sort of information she provided I can’t really comment.

Sadly this is what happens when people don’t deal with an invested independent agent. Things slip through the cracks. One of my biggest jobs is making sure people are honest and accurate when applying for their policy.

Otherwise, their beneficiary will be denied their claim.

There was also a couple of other customer service gripes.

Policyholders beware: 

Life insurance is meant to protect someone else. You won’t be around to enjoy the proceeds of your own life insurance, should it ever pay out. To make sure your monthly premiums provide your loved ones the benefits you expect, make sure your life beneficiaries are up to date. It’s simple and takes just a few minutes to make sure your loved ones are protected.

Your life insurance beneficiary determines who gets the money upon your death, and your will can’t override it, Business Insider 

scotialife Insurance Questions

Meh! Those reviews are uninspiring.

Scotialife Insurance Answers

Yep! I would agree with you. BUT there's nothing too disturbing. I don't see this as a huge red flag. 

Scotia Life Insurance

Scotia Bank Life Insurance: Products

Oh yes! Now the products. My favourite part of each review. This helps me stay on top of all the life insurance offerings out there.

To get the best possible coverage your agent needs to be familiar with the life insurance companies and their different approaches.

This is NO small feat!

For those of you that are unfamiliar – there are two main types of life insurance:

  • Term Life Insurance: This is the coverage most people are familiar with. It’s temporary protection that gives your loved ones security during periods of vulnerability. As a client you select a term or period of time for coverage (10, 20 or 30 years, etc), face value or amount of coverage ($100K, $250K, $500K, etc). You then take a medical exam (for traditionally underwritten life insurance). You will then be given a rating by the underwriters that determines how much you pay (the premiums).
  • Permanent Insurance: The process is similar to term, but there is typically a cash value component and you get coverage for life. This means your beneficiary is guaranteed a payout as long as you pay the premiums. Permanent life insurance is EXPENSIVE and complicated. It works a charm for some situations such as final expense, creating trusts for children with special needs or if you have a sizable estate – BUT for most people term fits the bill.

Scotiabank Term1 Life Insurance 

Scotiabank Term1 Life Insurance

Term1 Life Insurance 

  • Coverage: $50K – $1Million in increments of $25K
  • Coverage renews yearly until age 70 without a medical exam (coverage ends age 70)
  • Medical exam may not be required if you are younger than 50 applying for $250K of coverage or less
  • Living benefit: To 50% of coverage amount up to $50K if you are dianosed with a terminal illness and expected to die in 12 months.
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • No benefits paid if you commit suicide before 2 year policy anniversary
Scotiabank Accidental Insurance

Accidental Death Insurance 

  • Ages 18 – 74
  • $5K of complimentary accidental death insurance up to 5 full years (available for children)
  • Tax free $350K lump sum if you die of a covered accident
  • Living benefit paid to you if you’re in the hospital for 365 consecutive days immediately after the accident
  • Guaranteed acceptance
  • Guaranteed level premiums and half price for spouse
  • No medical questions
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Critical injury benefit when you enrol for at least $25K of accidental death insurance (available for children)

Scotiabank Permanent Life Insurance 

Scotiabank does not carry Permanent Life Insurance 

Term is right for most situations BUT never rule out term: 

But in particular, for wealthy families in their 30s or 40s, whole life insurance can be worthwhile as an estate planning tool because you can create an insurance trust that pays estate taxes out of the policy’s proceeds and then pass the trust onto heirs.

Is whole life insurance a good investment? A look at the pros and cons, Money Under 30 


Scotiabank Critical Illness Insurance 

Scotiabank Children360 Critical Illness Insurance

Children360 Critical Illness Insurance 

  • Coverage from $25K – $100K available in increments of $25K
  • Affordable group rates
  • Automatic renewal without a medical exam every year until your 70 (coverage ends at that point)
  • 30 day money back guarantee


scotialife Insurance Questions

Not a lot of choice there...


Scotialife Insurance Answers

Yep. I'd agree. 

Scotia Life Insurance

Scotia Bank Life Insurance Term1 Application Process 

Each life insurance company handles their website and application process differently. Some are cutting edge and adopt the newest technologies, some even create innovative systems that push the envelope while others prefer to take the traditional phone and email route.

Scotiabank life insurance appears to be embracing automated quotes. Simply click the red button to get a quote and you are brought to the Scotiabank Financial site.

I add the required information my sex, date of birth, smoking status and Province of residence. They also ask if I or my spouse are members of Scotiabank. I click no and am informed I don’t qualify for life insurance through Scotiabank Financial.

It appears that it’s an exclusive service for people who bank with them.

So I Try to Apply Again as a Member of Scotiabank 

…this time I hit YES and I am allowed to continue to move forward. I say I am looking for new coverage with a face value of $500K. At this point, they kindly give me a quote for the Scotiabank Term1 Coverage. For a 49 year old female nonsmoker, they offer monthly premiums for $88.20

You can also apply online. They ask for your contact information:

  • name, address and phone
  • occupation
  • income
  • height, weight (and any change this year)
  • doctor and last exam (and any findings and do they have your latest medical records)

Which brings you to a questionnaire where you are asked:

  • To confirm the policy is for me and for what purpose (personal etc)
  • If my spouse or I have ever been declined
  • In the past 5 years has my license (or my spouse) ever been suspended, charged with impaired driving or had more than 3 traffic violations
  • Have I or my spouse engaged in hazardous activities in the past 2 years (motorcycles, scuba etc)
  • Do I or my spouse intend to travel outside of the US or Canada for an extended period of time or change your residence in the next 12 months
  • Have I or my spouse ever received treatment for drugs or alcohol
  • Have I or my spouse ever used cocaine, narcotics, hallucinogens, heroine, ampethamines or barbituates

I Answered No For All...

They then ask as series of health questions that are very detailed that include information about:

At the end they ask for your means of payment, which is a Scotiabank checking account. Whew!

Scotiabank Accidental Death Insurance Application Process

I attempted to apply for the Accident Insurance BUT was told that the online application services were temporarily unavailable and I was given a phone number to call.

Scotiabank Critical Illness Application Process

Once again the Critical Illness Coverage is only available to Scotiabank customers.

The application process for customers starts out the same as Term1:

  • Sex
  • Date of Birth
  • Smoking Status
  • Province of Residence

Then I am asked if it’s additional or new coverage and I pick a new policy with a $100K face value for a 49 year old nonsmoking woman in Ontario.

The quote I get is $44.48 and the application process appears to be similar to Term1 – but I opt to end the application here as I think we have enough info.

scotia Life Insurance Questions

Wow! Looks like they thought of everything. 

Scotia Life Insurance Answer

Yes their online quote and application process is GREAT  - IF you are a Scotiabank customer. Otherwise you don't qualify. 

Scotia Life Insurance

Scotia Bank Life Insurance Term1 Rates

Because Scotiabank Life Insurance is only available for their customers their rates aren’t easy to find. I really don’t have any way to assess them against other companies EXCEPT by using the example I have above to contast other insurers. 

One thing I want to mention is although Scotianbank sells Term1 – it’s actually underwritten by Sun Life.

It’s also renewable yearly so it’s not a guaranteed level premium.

So let’s look at how they compare now.

That same 49 year old nonsmoker woman (with a standard rate) pays only $78.30 with Wawanesa per month for a 20 year term. Now I am not sure how much the Scotiabank premiums will go up yearly but clearly, Wawanesa is more affordable and may become substantially so over the years.

Not to mention the fact that Scotiabank cuts your coverage off by age 70 and there is no conversion to a permanent product because they don’t have it.


Scotia Life Insurance

Scotiabank Life Insurance Pros

Scotiabank Life Insurance Pros

Scotiabank Has a Great Online Application Process 

If you are a Scotiabank customer you can easily apply for term life insurance or critical illness coverage online. It’s fairly simple.

But buyer beware you always have to speak to an agent to finalize these things…

…and they will also review your answers.

Scotiabank Life Insurance Pros

Scotiabank Reviews Aren't So Bad 

In a world of terrible reviews Scotiabank’s are ok. I use this as a pro because the reviews I’ve seen are so bad 😉

Scotia Life Insurance

Scotiabank Life Insurance Cons

Scotiabank Life Insurance Cons

Only Available to Scotiabank Customers 

This isn’t a product you can buy if you aren’t a Scotiabank customer.  

Scotiabank Life Insurance Cons

You Have to Use a Tied Agent 

Even if you’re a Scotiabank customer you can’t easily compare their rates. At the end of the day, they only offer their product and no one will ever tell you if you can do better elsewhere.

That’s why you should always speak to an independent agent BEFORE you speak to a tied agent. That way you can compare costs and benefits.


Scotiabank Life Insurance Cons

VERY Limited Products 

Scotiabank does not have many options.  Simple term coverage, no permanent insurance and critical illness coverage. You can do much better elsewhere. 

Scotiabank Life Insurance Cons

The Policy is Automatically Renewed Annually 

Guaranteed level premiums are the way to go. This is why I encourage people to purchase 20 and 30 year terms to lock in the value. 

Scotiabanks premiums increase yearly making insurance during your vulnerable senior years VERY expensive. 

Scotiabank Life Insurance Cons

Premiums Are Not Competitive

This is the result of yearly renewable premiums. At the end of the day, you pay more. 

Scotiabank Life Insurance Cons

Term Coverage ENDS Age 70 & There is NO Permanent Conversion

Now you are old – possibly unwell.

If you still need life insurance you’re out of luck. Scotiabank does NOT have a permanent product so there is no conversion option.

To get life insurance at this juncture is going to cost a LOT. You may even have to get Guaranteed Issue coverage.

Scotiabank Life Insurance Cons

Coverage is Branded Scotiabank But It's Underwritten By Sun Life Assurance  

A lot of life insurance companies do this especially if they have a ton of products. BUT for me, it’s not a pro. Why not just go to SunLife. You’ll have more choice…

….but before you do that give Policy Architects a call. We can help!

Scotia Life Insurance

Policy Architects WILL help you!

You say Scotiabank Life Insurance I say Scotia Bank Life Insurance – either way, it’s a VERY limited product.

First of all the only way to get it is to have an account at Scotiabank.

Even then the product list is super limited, not the least expensive out there and it’s not a guaranteed level premium.

This means in your later years you’ll be spending a lot more money than you would if you purchased a guaranteed level term policy.

Quite honestly if you are looking for term insurance there a lot of other companies that will better meet your needs.

Give us a call today to see what we can do for you. It could save you thousands over the course of your term.

James Heidebrecht Scotiabank Life Insurance

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