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London Life Insurance Is NOW Part of Canada Life Assurance Company

Important Notice:  On January 1st 2020 the Great-West Lifeco amalgamated the Great-West Assurance Company &  London Life Insurance Company were into the Canada Life Assurance Company.

Amalgamation of Great-West Life, London Life and Canada Life completed – Following the required approvals, the Company proceeded with the amalgamation of Great-West Life, London Life and Canada Life, and their holding companies, Canada Life Financial Corporation and London Insurance Group Inc., into a single life insurance company, The Canada Life Assurance Company. This amalgamation was effective January 1, 2020 and will create operating efficiencies and simplify the Company’s capital structure to allow for more efficient use of capital. Great-West Lifeco will remain the parent company, and the amalgamated company retained all of the amalgamating companies’ current corporate office locations.

Great-West Lifeco reports fourth quarter 2019 results; announces 6% dividend increase, Newswire.ca

Did you know that London Life Insurance is now part of Canada Life Assurance Company? 

Yes, it’s a very exciting time! They are rebranding along with Great West Life and they are now all under one roof.

So if you are looking for more information you’ll now have to check out Canada Life reviews. 

Just as an aside, I never used London Life because they only work with captive agents and I am an independent life insurance agent.

BUT that doesn’t mean I can’t review their offering and process!

If you need more information please click on the button below. It will bring you to our Canada Life Assurance Company Review. 

Why It's So Important to ALWAYS Consult an Independent Life Insurance Agent 

Freedom allows independent agents to weigh competitive insurers to find the best policy for your unique circumstances.

At Policy Architects we have access to rates from the best life insurance companies in Canada.

This is VERY important because not all life insurance companies are created equal. Some are more lenient than others for specific medical conditions.

So for example, if you have a family history of cancer you may go end up with a different company than someone with no family history of serious illness. 

Tied agents ONLY sell their company’s products. If there is something better on the market, you’ll never know it and the savings will be lost.

So remember ALWAYS use an independent agent. Give Policy Architects a call BEFORE you reach out to ANY company directly. My guess is we can find you awesome coverage for less! 

London Life Insurance

The London Life Insurance Story

London Life Insurance Company was founded in London, Ontario 1874. They are known for the marketing slogan “Freedom 55” encouraging people to retire early in life through financial planning.

This life insurance company is a part of Great West Lifeco. 

This past April London Life amalgamated with Great-West Life and Canada Life Assurance Company,  rebranding as Canada Life this January. 

Canada Life is also a long-standing company founded in 1847 and its headquarters is located in Toronto, Ontario. 

London Life Insurance

London Life Insurance Financial Rating 

Canada Life Question

Wow London Life Insurance or is it Canada Life...sounds like a really interesting company! 

Canada Life Answer

Yes and now that this company is doing business under the Canada Life brand you should check out their reviews in the future.  But let's take a peek at past London Life Insurance reviews to see what they look like for reference. 

London Life Insurance

London Life Insurance Online Reviews

Financial ratings enable customers to see how the life insurance company they are considering is performing.

A little information goes a long way.

London Life Insurance Company received some very good reports from all the top rating agencies.

Check it out.

It’s good to see they had a firm financial footing. It’s probably why Canada Life bought their business. 

London Life Insurance Reviews: Insureye 

I wasn’t able to find Canada Life Reviews on Insureye yet – but they still have the London Life Insurance reviews and they give them 2.6 stars out of 5.

Again pretty good for a life insurance company.

If you read any of my previous reviews you see that insurers get hit with a LOT of negative comments because of the nature of the business. 

Frankly, I don’t put too much stock in them. People who are irritated are far more likely to write a review than those who had a great experience.

Customer service seemed to be their biggest issue and HOPEFULLY they will resolve this with the merger with Canada Life.

London Life Insurance Reviews Insureye

London Life Insurance

Call Policy Architects Today!

Well if you are looking for information on London Life Insurance NOW you know they’re part of Canada Life Assurance Company. 

Canada Life is a very stable company with some solid life insurance products BUT are they the right company for you? 

Choice means savings. At Policy Architects we look at your individual circumstance and apply to the insurer that best fits your needs.

This call may save you THOUSANDS over the course of your term. While we can sell you Canada Life Products are they the perfect fit for YOU. Call Policy Architects today we can help!

James Heidebrecht London Life Insurance

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